Poll Wiltshire Sheep are a wool shedding prime lamb breed. The Poll Wiltshire has been developed from a natural occurrence in the Byarlea Wiltshire Horn Stud sheep flock. This new breed will be a great benefit to the Australian prime lamb producers, in particular breeders of easy care, clean skin sheep.

The Poll Wiltshire breed has been developed by using Pfizer Animal Genetics DNA technology. Poll Wiltshires are the first breed IN THE WORLD where the pollness of the breed has been proven and developed by using HornPOLL DNA technology by Pfizer Animal Genetics.

Pfizer Animal Genetics is the world’s leading provider of comprehensive state-of-the-art genetic information.
* DNA tested by Pfizer Animal Genetics
* Polled & 100% Fullblood Wiltshire Horn prime lamb
* No back crossing
* No shearing, crutching or mulesing
* Low maintenance, easy care
* Hardy and long lived
* Excellent mothers, high lambing %
* Ideal for organic producers
* Top quality meat, excellent flavour
* Excellent wool shedding
* No fly problems

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