Mr Scott Dolling & Pfizer Animal Genetics

In 2006, Scott Dolling and his wife Alwyn inspected the first visually polled ram ever born into the Byarlea Wiltshire Horn stud flock and any stud ewes visually polled or with small scurs or small horns born prior to 2005 at the Byarlea property. This ram (Orange 100, named Noah) was mated to the ewes in 2007. In 2007, Scott and Alwyn returned to see the offspring and recorded the horn site scores for assessment.

In 2008 Pfizer Animal Genetics were contacted and an ongoing comprehensive DNA testing program on the Byarlea Poll Wiltshire Sheep was commenced.

The Byarlea flock has originated from one polled Wiltshire Ram, Orange 100, which was carrying one copy of this poll allele.

The Poll Wiltshire breed has been developed by using Pfizer Animal Genetics DNA technology. Pfizer Animal Genetics is the world’s leading provider of comprehensive state-of-the-art genetic information. Poll Wiltshires are the first breed IN THE WORLD where the pollness of the breed has been proven and developed by using HornPOLL DNA technology by Pfizer Animal Genetics.

Pfizer Genetics report on our DNA testing was:

The Byarlea polled Wiltshire flock is made up of animals which carry single and double copies of a poll allele which has been associated with the polled phenotype in different breeds of sheep according to a newly developed test marketed by Pfizer Animal Genetics. Byarlea flock is a unique flock of wiltshires which don’t have horns – the presence of the poll allele is consistent with this.
Michael Lee, Research and Development, Pfizer Animal Genetics & Deborah Collins, Pfizer Animal Genetics.

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